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The guitarist Lefteris Christofis born on October 5, 1964 in Athens and by the age of six started playing the guitar. Since he was fourteen years old, he formed several rock groups as band leader.

1983: Lefteris with Antonis Papoutsakis on drums and Pantelis Pangalos on bass, found their group ALTABA collaborating with several guest musicians from Athens and other European countries.

1989-1992: he completes his studies at the Music Department of the Anglia Polytechnic/University in Cambridge and as a member of the APU Jazz Orchestra he performs and participates in the recording of the APU's album "FIRST CUTS".

1992: he forms the "Lefteris Christofis and his Cosmic Band" with James Hayden, Ben Grunewel, James Mack, Pete Lewinson and gets sponsorship from the Eastern Arts Assocciation to give and record his concert at the Mumford Theatre.

1992-1994: Studio and live recordings are included in his album "KALESMA Lefteris Christofis with British Friends" which was released by Liknos Records in 1998.

1992-1995: he lives in London and he performs with Chris Dagley, Steve Turner, Orefo Oregano, Mark Ong in venues and festivals such as Jazz Cafe, Orange Club, 606 Club, Blue Note, Swan Fulham, Camden Town Open Festival etc. His career has been published in the International Who's Who in Music and his music has been identified as "... a new sound beyond the age of jazz and fusion ... transfers you to the imaginative world of cosmic jazz".

1996: he returns to Athens, releases his personal album "MYTHOPLASIA" with Thomas Muller, Yiorgos Fakanas and Nickos Kapilidis and presents his music in jazz festivals and concerts. He teaches at the Philippos Nakas Music School and forms the Fusion Ensembles.

1997-2006 : he teaches guitar and the Jazz Fusion Ensembles at the Art Music School.

2000: he forms the "Lefteris Christofis Trio" with Nikos Touliatos on drums and Vangelis Kontopoulos on double bass.

2001- : he proposes and organises the educational programme of the Athens Music Hall Centre of Ensembles & Improvisation in the Municipality of Chaidariou, in Athens. As artistic director gets sponsorship from European Community to record and release an album with his students' ensembles.

2002: he performs with "the seven time Grammy Award winner" drummer Paul Wertico at the Petras International Festival.

2003: Paul Wertico co-produces and records in Lefteris' third personal album NOUS ICONS.

2005: "NOUS ICONS" is released by Blue Note Records-EMI.

2005: he gives concerts with the "Lefteris Christofis Group" featuring Jeff Berlin on bass, Barbara Unger ..boards and Paul Wertico on drums.

2006: he collaborates with the saxophonist Chico Freeman as orchestrator and participates as guitarist in the project "One Olympics" of the Magnetic Poets which is presenting in the Winter Olympics Games in Torino.

Lefteris, Barbara, Jeff and Paul continue their collaboration with the formation of their new group OTHER PHRASES.

2007: he gives clinics on his personal project "From Improvisation to Composition" and he's touring in Greece with Nikos Touliatos on drums and Nikos Mastrokostopoulos on bass. ..

2007: He tours with his Lefteris Christofis Trio in festivals and concert halls in Greece. and he presents the new project "Music and Dance – Universal Community".

2008-09: He starts recording his fourth personal album with the participation of the musicians Chico Freeman, Paul Wertico and others. He participates in summer festivals.